Meet the Family

At Roots, our amazing team of baristas make up the life of the store. Without them and their creativity, hard work, and mad barista skills, Roots would not be possible.


Alyson is brand new to the Roots family! She hails from LA and is an avid reader and writer. 

Meagan 1.png

Meagan is one of the kindest spirits you will ever meet. She works in youth ministry on the side and recently married her love, Ashton. Meagan is also on our Leadership Team & helps out with training.


Alissa moved to NRH from New Zealand with her husband, Nigel. As our store manager, Alissa runs everything that matters here and keeps us in line.


Frank is new to the Roots family, and loves coffee! With dreams of opening up his own shop in a few years, Frank is passionately learning everything there is to know about the coffee industry!


Clint is a super cool, super chill dude. He is married to the beautiful Hannah and has four kiddos. Clint is also an art teacher at Keller High & sometimes you can find his art up on the walls at Roots.


Té is also new to the Roots family! She has cool tattoos and even made her own apron! She's funky & creative and you'll love getting to know her.


Alexys started at Roots back in 2011 - then moved to Boston, then moved back - and has rejoined the Roots fam! He has lots of fun stories to tell, an epic beard, and a sleeve full of awesome tattoos.


Mikalah has been at Roots since 2016. On the side, she works in videography and takes beautiful pictures of people! She also has a snazzy polaroid camera & enjoys the word "extra".


Kelsey is new to the Roots fam and she just moved to NRH from South Dakota! So, next time you see her, say hello and give her a friendly Texas welcome!


Joe hails from Oklahoma and is married his beautiful bride, Brianna. Joe serves on the Leadership Team here at Roots, in charge of coffee quality.