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We've known the folks at Novel since Kevin, Novel's head roaster, started as a barista at Roots back in 2011. Since starting Novel with his brother in law in 2013, Novel has gone on to earn awards and roast some of the best coffee in the country. We are so proud to have them as our house coffee roaster!

More from the Novel folks:

"We believe that every coffee has a story. Every seed is cultivated, harvested, processed, traded, shipped, roasted, and prepared before it reaches your cup. It is our goal that every person involved in this process is treated fairly and rewarded for their work."



Specialty Coffee Standards

Here at Roots Coffeehouse, we strive to maintain specialty coffee standards in all our coffees and preparations. All our coffee is served between 2-12 days off roast, making sure that our customers have the freshest coffee available. Our drink sizes also reflect standard sizing for our industry and can be ordered as what the actual size is - 8oz, 12oz, & 16oz (no confusing drink sizes here!)


We also maintain strict preparation standards - using scales, measurements, strict dosing, temperature controls, and testing to ensure our baristas are up to par on all recipes & preparation methods. 

Through all these processes, we desire to honor the journey that the coffee has taken from farm to cup. As the last step in the process before the coffee is consumed, we see it as our job to craft a truly delicious beverage that represents that coffee & the people that grew the coffee well.

Occasionally, we host events for our customers to learn more about how to brew coffee at home, the farm to cup process, and more. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.