Earth, Today Is Your Day

This Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Here at Roots, we want to create coffee and community that care well for the world. 

For you & the earth, bring in your own cup this Friday and get $1 OFF your drink. If you don't have a re-usable vessel yet, you can get one of our amazing hydroflasks for only $20 this Friday only!

Here at Roots, we strive to operate in a way that cares for the world. For example:

Did you know that we campaigned for a recycling dumpster prior to moving into our space back in 2009 so that we could be sure we were able to recycle our paper and plastic?

Did you know that our "default" option for customers is a ceramic mug?

Did you know we use environmentally friendly dish soap?

Did you know we make our coffee grounds available to you, as well as community gardens, as nutrients for your soil?

Did you know that we buy from local suppliers whenever possible?

And there are things you can do too! Our friends at Green America have loads of great tips on reducing your consumption - you can check those out here. But why not start by just reducing the amount you throw into landfills every day by bringing your own water bottle with you to work? Or by bringing your own coffee cup to be refilled instead of using a paper one? That is one easy step you can take for a greener earth - to make sure its here and healthy for many generations to come.