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Spotlight on Coffee: Veracruz Mexico

Selecting and sourcing the finest coffees is protocol over at Novel Coffee Roasters - and they've done it again with the new Veracruz Mexico. 

"Among Mexican coffee-growing regions, Veracruz is lesser-known than its neighbor Chiapas to the east. But this year farms in Veracruz produced some of the best coffee in Mexico, sweeping the top three in the Cup of Excellence.

Our coffee comes from 16 farms who have worked together since 2009 to increase quality, collectively known as Productores de Café Sustentable de Baxtla. Their crop was a standout on the cupping table this year at the first ever Best of Mexico competition held by Cafe Imports."


Stop by Roots and try this amazing coffee on slow bar - we're ready to brew it for you in V60 or Chemex.