A Healthful Highlight!

We have been working over the last few months on adding even more healthy options to our menu! We are excited with the results, which include keto-friendly, vegan friendly, GF friendly, and paleo friendly recipes. Here are some of the exciting additions and changes!

First off, our almond milk is now made in-house and is free from any added sugar! This clean recipe feature almonds, water, salt, and vanilla and is simple and delicious (not to mention, makes a mean latte!) We're excited to bring this paleo, vegan, and low-sugar addition to your local coffeehouse!


We've also added the keto-friendly, low carb Frittata Muffin to our morning menu! This muffin is made in house with eggs, half&half, prosciutto, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and spices and baked to fluffy perfection.


For all our Gluten-Free friends out there, we've added an assortment of GF items from Unrefined Bakery! We also have our GF Protein Board, with an assortment of GF crackers, cheese, meats, spreads, and pickles!


And finally, for our Vegan friends, we're proud to introduce the Veggie Snack Plate! This little plate includes mixed veggies, GF crackers, and roasted red pepper hummus and makes the perfect little lunch or snack to get you through the day!




We are committed to continually providing you with the best options to start and end your day - whether it be a healthy snack or an occasional indulgence. We believe in quality of products over quantity of options, so we're happy to provide our amazing customers with these curated, high-quality options for specific dietary preferences.