Eco Cups are Here!

Well, folks, the day is finally here! One of our founding beliefs at Roots is to integrate sustainability into every part of our business - reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever we can. Making as many drinks as we can in for here mugs or glasses. Donating our coffee grounds to the community garden. Serving your food on real plates with real cutlery. Integrating disposable products made from sustainable sources where we can. But still, the “to go” nature of our business weighs heavy on our hearts as we know what that means for our earth.

So, we decided to make a change. We wanted to make it easy for our amazing customers to choose a re-usable option, and so we are so proud to announce that starting today we have these beautiful re-usable bamboo fiber mugs available when you buy your drink! The best part?! They’re only $3!!!! Even better than that? Bring it back again and again and every time you get your Roots drink made in one, we’ll give you a quarter ($0.25) off your drink! *

These to-go mugs are suitable for hot or iced drinks, the perfect 12oz size, and every single part of it is made from sustainable bamboo (with the lone exception of the silicone sleeve)! We hope this makes it easy for you to show your love for mother earth by switching to a re-usable option.

JPEG image-4EE16C95A21E-5.jpeg