Best Coffee Shop Mood Promotes Community

At Roots Coffeehouse, we love the people, and we love the coffee. To keep up with both, our establishment must have a welcoming ambiance. And it does. A few things go into creating a warm environment at our coffee shop, and we aren’t just talking about the fresh, hot coffee.

When stepping through the door at Roots, you’ll be welcomed, and you’ll know it. Our staff is made up of a diverse group of friendly individuals. The aesthetic inside the coffee house will draw you in and keep you cozy. These things come together to make having a cup of coffee in our shop better than a cup of joe at home or anywhere else, for that matter.

Our Staff, the Family

Different from many other coffee houses, our staff is family. The staff at Roots Coffeehouse may not share similar features, like biological families do. We won’t have the same nose or bone structure, necessarily. In fact, we will be from all walks of life and have all different looks. You might see someone with glasses or purple hair or a beanie or piercings. We’ll each be different, like we expect our customers will be. But if you are around us for a minute or two, you’ll see us working together, just like a family should. If you’d like, you can meet the family online before visiting our coffee shop in Hurst, but we’d love to see you in-person.

Our Décor, the Look

Coming into Roots, before you set up your laptop, order your drink or even talk to the barista, you’ll be caught up in the look. The coffee shop gives off an air of comfort, just by taking a glance at the insides.

The simple wooden furniture is complimented by the metal accents around the shop. Maybe you can find a seat in one of the comfy armchairs. The walls promote a community feel with local art hanging. The style might change occasionally, depending on who the current featured artist is. Once you’ve looked around, you can decide what to do with yourself. Just don’t forget to order yourself a warm, or cold, cup of our great coffee.

Our Drinks, the Coffee

One of the main reasons that brought you to Roots Coffeehouse is probably for some of the best specialty coffee in North Richland Hills. When you’ve finished looking around and chatting with the barista, now is your chance to have some delicious coffee, roasted by Novel Coffee Roasters. Depending on the season, we offer a variety of specialty drinks, along with our usuals. We know you’ll probably feel the urge to stay, so we'll bring it to you in a mug. However, if you are in a rush, we’ll get that for you to go in a paper cup with a lid. We hope you’ll be back soon to thoroughly enjoy the place.  

All Together, Your Coffee Shop

These aspects come together in a variety of ways. They morph together to make a great place to study, work, chat, read a book, ponder life’s quandaries or simply sit. So, coming to Roots Coffeehouse alone or with friends, to talk to the staff or to get things done, you’ll be welcome.

No matter what you decide to do at Roots Coffeehouse, you’ll feel the environment welcome you and your uniqueness. Order yourself some delicious coffee and make yourself comfortable. Oh, wait. Did we already do that for you?