Summer Drinks Release Today!

We are so excited about summer, because in addition to all the fun in the sun we'll be having, we also get to drink these amazing new coffee creations from our team here at Roots! Introducing three totally brand new summer signature drinks!

The Coffee Palmer

This is the Coffee Palmer - a drink inspired by our friends over at Novel Coffee Roasters, but with our own twist! Think of it as a friendly coffee lemonade with enough zing and zest to cool down even the hottest of Texas summer days

Strawberry Cortado

Berry Cortado.jpg

This is the Strawberry Cortado (or Berrytado!) Its a blend of housemade strawberry vanilla sauce, espresso, and steamed milk, topped with strawberry sugar for a light sweetness. Its also available as an iced latte, if you'd rather take it to go.

Summer Cold Brew

Meet the Summer Cold Brew - this bit of iced coffee goodness is 12-hour cold brew mixed with our signature concoction of vanilla and just the right amount of sweetness.

Cheers for 8 Years!

On Saturday, April 8th from 2pm-4pm, Roots will be celebrating our EIGHT year birthday & the launch of our beer & wine program!

Festivities will include an ALL DAY happy hour with tastings from our friends at Peticolas Brewing, Collective Brewing Project, Novel Coffee Roasters, and La Cigale Wines!

Also, be sure to pick up an $8 Roots tee and try our signature birthday drink special - a new twist on an old favorite: the Dude Sweet Nitro Cold Brew Float, featuring Melt Ice Cream!

Thanks for your support over the last eight years and we can't wait to celebrate together on April 8th!

3 Kinds of People You'll Have Coffee With

Coffee and people have had a close relationship for centuries. Where there are people, there is gonna be coffee. And where there is coffee, the people will go. We make the time to go to coffee places for all kinds of meetups. But have you ever thought about who you have coffee with? There are a few scenarios that are common to us all. Scenarios that involve coffee and people and great times...


1. First-Time Connections

Why is a coffee place such a great spot to meet up with someone for the first time? It's a fun-filled environment that isn't pressuring or stressing. First dates or get-to-know-you meetings are relaxed when they happen over great coffee. First-time connections can be scary. Don't pick a place that is scary as well!

Most everyone loves coffee. So a coffee place is an ideal spot to find a commonality. And for those people who don't like coffee, well, there is tea.


2. Long-Time Friends

When you haven't seen your best friend in ages, a coffee place is the best place to go to catch up on life. It's calm enough to have extended conversations and yet is vibrant with enough activity to keep it fun. Friends commonly convene at coffee places when they want to make the most of their reuniting!


3. Complete Strangers

Of course, this happens too. Not every day. That would be too much. But you're not the only one who's met someone for the first time at your local coffee shop.  It happens all the time! Meeting complete strangers is sometimes the perfect complement to a cup of your favorite coffee. That's one of the best things about a coffee place. It brings people from all over who have experienced so many different. things. It's an adventure to meet them and discover who they are.


If you haven't seen all of the social media posts... We are now serving wine and beer! Now you have no more need to search for bars in North Richland Hills or pubs in North Richland Hills! Come by in the morning for coffee and back in the evening for some beer or wine! See you soon!

4 Good Reasons People Will Meet at Coffee Shops

We meet with people every day. Whether officially or casually. People are all around us. How could we not? But when we meet with other people intentionally, we usually pick a common location that both parties will enjoy. One the first locations that people think of are their local coffee shops. Here are some reasons why...


1. People Meet at Coffee Shops for Connections

As humans, we don't just want to connect with relation to things, but with a relationship with other humans. We want our lives to be enriched with great people. Connections happen at coffee places because people are intentional when they meet there. Connections are what make us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. It's not just networking, it's being human.


2. Friends Meet at Coffee Shops for the Vibes

We don't just want to feel connected to other people, we want a place to call home. The second reason why people meet at coffee shops is because it's a place you can be yourself and have a good time on a regular basis. It's a place you can make memories. It's a place where you can enjoy life and enjoy the company of your friends and family.


3. People Meet at Coffee Shops for Business Meetings

Business isn't just conducted while at work. It can happen anywhere. Small businesses, large businesses, entrepreneurs, they all appreciate the atmosphere of a local coffee shop for meetings and doing projects. Free wifi, great beverages, and a hit playlist for their background music make businessmen everywhere choose a coffee place rather than somewhere else if they have the option.


4. People Meet at Coffee Shops for the Coffee, of course

Although this is the last on this list of reasons people meet at coffee shops, it's probably the strongest one. Understandably. People make it a point to go to a craft coffee shop to get their coffee because they know it will be quality and have a great taste. So we make it a point to have our meetings at a local coffee shop. No one complains. 


If you haven't seen all of the social media posts... We are now serving wine and beer! Now you have no more need to search for bars in Grapevine TX or pubs in Grapevine TX! Come by in the morning for coffee and back in the evening for some beer or wine! See you soon!


3 Reasons Why a Coffee House is the Best Place to Cultivate Relationship

Why would you go to a coffee house? Why do people spend so much time there? Where is the appeal stemming from? It's all about relationships. As human beings, we are relational through to our core. Without the relationships we inherently crave, we dry up inside. So what makes a coffee house in North Richland Hills the best place to cultivate those mandatory relationships with other humans?


1. Coffee Houses Promote Community

A coffee shop or coffee house isn't just a place to grab a quick cup of joe and head away. Though it's a great place to pick up on-the-go, quality coffee, our coffee house can be more than that if you want it to be. Roots Coffeehouse is about relationships and community bound together by fantastic tasting coffee.

Coffee houses make you feel like you belong. From comfy couches to hipster decor, the coffee house is designed to be a place of acceptance. People of the most diverse backgrounds can walk into a coffee house and find a way to call it home. Whether you come to our coffee house every day, or once a year, the coffee house speaks for itself. It outlasts time and grants the ability to connect with people of like-mindedness and gain new perspectives. Our coffee house in North Richland Hills is a place where everyone is welcome, and where people come to enjoy people.


2. Coffee is Universal

Speaking of people, have you ever stopped to consider how universally appreciated coffee really is? Whole countries use it for their primary export, and literally millions of people drink it every day. People from the far reaches of the world come together around their shared love for coffee. It's not just a caffeinator, it's a talking point, a soothing beverage, and a treat that makes your day. No wonder people throng toward coffee houses when they need energy and people connection. Coffee is universal. And so are coffee houses.


3. Coffee Puts People in a Good Mood

Who could possibly be in a horrible mood after a cup of great coffee? It's unlikely for this ever to happen. The fact that great coffee can lift your day means that a coffee house is a great place to cultivate a relationship. It's not about being in a good mood all the time. Everyone has their days. But when people are happy, relationships thrive. And people are mostly happy in their favorite coffee houses. A sip of that Chai Latte can do wonders after a long day at work. And before you know it, you're opening up and chatting with your friends like the stressful day never happened.

So where do you go to cultivate your relationships? Relationships are hard work, but you can cultivate good ones over a cup of your favorite hot drink at your local coffee house. You can make lasting connections with people you would never have expected. All you need is to be open.

If you haven't seen all of the blogs and posts... We are now serving beer and wine! Now you have no more need to search for bars in Bedford TX or pubs in Bedford TX! Come by in the morning for coffee and back in the evening for some beer or wine! See you soon!!! ;)

6 Reasons Why a Craft Coffee Shop is the Best Place to Get Coffee

Coffee can be acquired almost anywhere nowadays. Gas stations, churches, coffee houses, workplaces, friends' houses. It seems like everywhere you look, coffee is available. This is not a bad thing necessarily. Coffee is good. In fact, coffee can be great! But what are we sacrificing by drinking the stuff that comes out of that questionable pot and looks that questionable color? Here's why going to a craft coffee shop is worth it, and why it's the best place to get your daily cup of joe. 


1. The Taste

Have you ever walked over to the coffee station, pulled out a cup, poured yourself some coffee, took a sip, and instantly regretted it? Everyone's done it. And it's a shame. There's no going back after taking a swig of that awful beverage someone thought they could call coffee. And it only goes downhill from there if you opt to finish the cup.

Taste is everything in our North Richland Hills coffee shop. If it doesn't taste like quality coffee, it doesn't deserve the name. And though you might find coffee on all different levels and spectrums as you go about your day, you can rest assured that we don't compromise on taste. A craft coffee shop is one of the few places that can guarantee a great tasting cup of coffee.


2. The Quality

 Do you know where that great taste comes from? It's not an accident. Nor was it arrived at by a series of lucky guesses. Nope. Great taste is the direct product of superior quality. And superior quality starts at the coffee farm. At our craft coffee house we take the very best coffee from the farm to give you the very best coffee in your cup. And we don't stop there. Every step is a determining factor when crafting quality coffee. How it is roasted, how it is ground, when it is ground, the temperature of the water, etc, etc,. Only a craft coffee shop is going to guarantee such quality in your delicious beverage. 


3. It's a Place to Relax and Converse

Most people go to a craft coffee shop in North Richland Hills for more than just the quality of the coffee, however. Well, a lot do anyway. Because a craft coffee shop offers more than just coffee and pastries. Coffee houses have developed into places of relaxation and conversation. They are a great daytime or nighttime place to get together with friends, catch up with relatives, or simply unwind from the day. It's an atmosphere that encourages one to chill out and rejuvenate. 


4. It's a Place Where You Can Get Work Done

Although many people go to a craft coffee shop to relax or hang out with friends, they provide a great workspace as well. It's a setting similar to working from home, but without the distraction of an available tv and bed where you just want to stay in and watch all day. Productivity when working in a coffee house can significantly increase for many people who need a stimulating environment. And it's not just for business, but for homework as well. Assignments and papers are definitely less burdensome when you have your favorite kind of coffee to sip as you work.


5. It's a Place You Can Play

Board games just mix with coffee too well. Two-person or six-person games, people from all over town meet up at the craft coffee shop to play. Board games make for a good time and so does quality coffee. Bringing the party to the coffee shop is a great way to engage with friends!


6. And the Baristas are Amazing

Last, but not least, on this list of coffee-themed reasonings, we must mention the baristas. Baristas may come and go (although most of ours have been serving our customers for years!), but the thing about them is that they can change your day from negative to positive with great service and great coffee. When you come to the craft coffee shop in North Richland Hills, it's not just coffee you're getting, but care and service that you can appreciate in this age of limited customer service. Our baristas are kind and friendly and amazing. And they work hard to ensure the best experience. Just another good reason why a craft coffee shop is the absolute best place to get coffee.


If you haven't heard by now, we are serving beer and wine! Now you have no more need to search for bars in Hurst TX or pubs in Hurst TX! Come by in the morning for coffee and back in the evening for some beer or wine!

Now you can have great, local beer in North Richland Hills!


Craft Beer on Tap & Wine by the Glass now available!

We are so excited to announce that, starting today, Roots Coffeehouse will be serving craft beer on tap and wine by the glass in the evenings!

From 4pm-10pm every day, you can grab a craft beer on tap or a glass of your favorite wine. Here's a list of the items we'll be serving:

Craft Beer:

Velvet Hammer (Peticolas Brewing) - Imperial Red Ale

Golden Opportunity (Peticolas Brewing) - Kolsch

Funky Thunder (Collective Brewing Project) - Green Tea Saison

End of the Weak (Collective Brewing Project) - Imperial Milk Stout

Wine by the Glass:

Whites: Paradoxe Malbec Blanc (France) // Jean Charles Riesling (France) // Oro Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Reds: Domaine Brusset Les Boudalles (France) // Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon (US) // Dupond Pinot Noir (France)

We are also debuting a brand new evening food menu which includes an assortment of house-made boards, tarts, and grilled cheeses!

Now you can have great wine in North Richland Hills!

A Cup of Coffee Everyday? Why It's Great For You!

A Cup of Coffee Everyday? Why It's Great For You!

It's no secret that coffee is the source of happiness for most people around the world, and sometimes it's hard to get through your morning without having a cup of a hot and delicious beverage. Of course, there are people who like enjoying their drink alone at home, and some thrive while sitting in a coffee shop, sharing a cup between friends or colleagues....

Winter Seasonal Menu Debuts this Friday!

We're excited to announce the debut of our Winter Seasonal Drinks this Friday, 11/25! We've crafted two totally new drinks and brought back one of last year's favorites, for three drinks that will get you caroling and cold-weather ready!

the Coffee Julep

Fresh muddled mint, our signature holiday spices syrup, hopped nitro cold brew from Novel Coffee Roasters, topped with Topo Chico & a fresh mint leaf! This drink is a cool new take on a classic, served in a copper mug and sure to give you all the holiday feelz.

coffee julep.jpg


the Pinewood

We've smoked our own vanilla beans for this one! Two handmade syrups - smoked vanilla & holiday pine. We combine these two with our espresso, steamed milk, and top it with fresh ground nutmeg for a new take on holiday drinks that's reminiscent of winter walks in the woods and gathering around a campfire with friends. We think you will love it as much as we do. 

Spiced Cuban

Welcome back this old favorite! Cinnamon, Cardamom, and everything wonderful about our signature staple, the Cuban, topped with cinnamon and made with love!

Fall Seasonal Menu Debuts Friday, Sept 16th!

We are so excited to announce our new seasonal menu for fall! Our team spent a lot of time imagining, discovering, and creating these new drinks and we are so excited to share them with you!

The Pumpkin Harvest Latte is an old favorite! Made from real pumpkin and spices, this house-made sauce is the base of our lightly sweet and wonderfully pumpkin fall favorite.

The Sugared Fig Cortado is a new creation made from house-made fig sauce, layered neatly with espresso and steamed milk, and topped with fresh ground nutmeg! Its also served with a whole grain fig newton so you get coffee plus a snack!

Our Salt & Spice Capp is straight local honey, spices, espresso & steamed milk, topped with our special sea salt & spices blend. Its delicious and perfectly autumn.

Stop by Friday to try one or all three! Also check out our new food and snack items for fall - the Harvest Bagel & the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin! #fallishere #craftcoffee #seasonalmenu

Fourth Annual Buy Local Event!

The Buy Local Event!

Save the Date:

October 1st from 2p-4p

Every year, since 2012, Roots has been hosting the Buy Local Event - one day on the first Saturday in October when we bring together the area's finest ingredients, makers, and artists.

For two hours, we set up the shop market-style and allow you to sample your way through our community's finest ingredients inside, and then get some early Christmas shopping done outside on the patio, where we will have gathered local artists and makers.

Past vendors include Holy Kombucha, Dude Sweet Chocolate, We Keep Exploring, Doughboy Donuts, Grapevine Grains, Novel Coffee Roasters, Fox&Otter, and many, many more!

Interested in being a vendor? Just contact us.

Three New Ways To Drink Coffee at Roots this Summer!

Our summer menu debuts this Friday, and we couldn't be more excited! We've been working hard to craft some amazing, creative drinks for you and we can't wait to share what we've come up with. Stop by the shop this Friday to try on (or all three) of these summer signature drinks.

Our Nitro Cream is cold brew on nitro goodness, topped with our house-made orange vanilla cream. This beauty is served in a frozen, sugar-rimmed glass and garnished with an orange slice proves to be a slightly sweet and altogether refreshing summer bev!

Our Nitro Cream is cold brew on nitro goodness, topped with our house-made orange vanilla cream. This beauty is served in a frozen, sugar-rimmed glass and garnished with an orange slice proves to be a slightly sweet and altogether refreshing summer bev!

The Dude Sweet Orange Shakerato is a play on the old favorite, the Shakerato. Our secret ingredient is barrel aged orange bitters, combined with Dude Sweet Chocolate powder, raw sugar, espresso, and cream. All of that goodness is shaken together with ice to create this rich, velvetly drink.

The Dude Sweet Orange Shakerato is a play on the old favorite, the Shakerato. Our secret ingredient is barrel aged orange bitters, combined with Dude Sweet Chocolate powder, raw sugar, espresso, and cream. All of that goodness is shaken together with ice to create this rich, velvetly drink.

The Stone Fruit Latte is a combination of apricot, peach, and black walnut. This house-made syrup, paired with our espresso and milk, is great hot or on the rocks.

The Stone Fruit Latte is a combination of apricot, peach, and black walnut. This house-made syrup, paired with our espresso and milk, is great hot or on the rocks.

Earth, Today Is Your Day

This Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Here at Roots, we want to create coffee and community that care well for the world. 

For you & the earth, bring in your own cup this Friday and get $1 OFF your drink. If you don't have a re-usable vessel yet, you can get one of our amazing hydroflasks for only $20 this Friday only!

Here at Roots, we strive to operate in a way that cares for the world. For example:

Did you know that we campaigned for a recycling dumpster prior to moving into our space back in 2009 so that we could be sure we were able to recycle our paper and plastic?

Did you know that our "default" option for customers is a ceramic mug?

Did you know we use environmentally friendly dish soap?

Did you know we make our coffee grounds available to you, as well as community gardens, as nutrients for your soil?

Did you know that we buy from local suppliers whenever possible?

And there are things you can do too! Our friends at Green America have loads of great tips on reducing your consumption - you can check those out here. But why not start by just reducing the amount you throw into landfills every day by bringing your own water bottle with you to work? Or by bringing your own coffee cup to be refilled instead of using a paper one? That is one easy step you can take for a greener earth - to make sure its here and healthy for many generations to come.

Roots Turns 7!

Hi friends!

Back in the fall of 2008, I was a dreamy eyed twenty-two year old with a big dream - open up a community coffeehouse in the area I grew up, a land where independent businesses hardly ever succeed. Little less than six months later, opening Roots Coffeehouse was the realization of that dream.

Seven years ago, on March 30th 2009 when we opened, I had no idea the amazing people we would meet, events we would host, conversations that would be had, and how much amazing coffee we would drink. We've had weddings, fashion shows, live music, fundraisers, buy local events, engagements, movie nights, and everything in between. We've explored coffee together, created delicious new drinks, and pushed craft coffee forward in our community.

And you are the reason - our amazing customers and staff. Thank you for making this dream a reality and thank you for continuing to support the independent shops. We could not have done this without you. Come join us this Wednesday as we celebrate 7 years of great coffee & community!

We'll have $7 t-shirts all day, along with $1 cupcakes made by our very own @alissathebarista. Wish us a happy birthday and we'll give you $2 off your order.



Live Music No More...

It is with sadness that I announce the end of live music at Roots. While we have been enjoying the music of local musicians original material for the last seven years, the actions of performance rights organizations have caused us to have to cease our live music programs.

If you are unfamiliar with performance rights organizations (BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC), they are basically organizations that license the right to play copyrighted songs in public places. While we are totally licensed for our music that plays over the speakers, we are not licensed for live performance of copyrighted material. Instead of paying their prohibitively expensive annual fees (upwards of $1500/yr for all three), we opted to only allow original songs of artists who play at Roots. I have personally studied music business, have a degree in it, and know this to be completely legal.

Unfortunately, even though we are operating within the law and not infringing on any copyrights, these organizations continue to threaten lawsuits against us. Since we are a small business, we cannot take the risk of continuing our live music program.

In the end, the ones that lose out are the local artists that just want to get in front of a crowd. We are not the first coffeehouse in the area to have to stop our live music program because of PRO's threatening legal action. I am afraid that the places for new local artists to play are decreasing drastically.

You should also know that threatening legal action for no reason is called extortion...and its illegal. 

You should also know that we do not make any money on live music at Roots, but rather just allow a space for local artists to be heard.

If this topic interests you, feel free to check out the articles below:

Thanks for your support!

Introducing: Steadfast Coffee

We are excited to announce our newest guest roaster partnership with Steadfast Coffee! Steadfast is out of Nashville, Tennessee and follows the motto "everything well considered". They have some great coffees from Peru, El Salvador, and Rwanda.

Check them out on Slow Bar & Retail.

Also, join us for a special guest roaster cupping, led by our very own baristas Joe & Mat. Its going to be on Thursday, February 11th from 7p-8:30p. The cost if $7 and you can sign up at the register.