Summer Menu releases June 10th!

At Roots, we are very proud of our seasonal, local menu. Four times a year, we change out our seasonal signature drinks along with bakery items, breakfast items, and sandwiches that pair perfectly with our coffee. With our emphasis on plant-based, gluten free, and overall healthier options, each seasonal menu takes an entire team to dream up, craft, experiment with, and finally release to you - our Roots community. Hospitality is at our heart and that means making sure everyone, regardless of dietary preference or restrictions, has something to enjoy in our space.

This summer, we’ll be releasing two new signature espresso drinks, as well as a new smoothie, a carefully crafted frappe, brand new breakfast offerings, and new vegan and GF baked goodies! As you’ll see below, summer peaches were our inspiration for a lot of this menu. To us, peaches embody the beauty of a summer treat - balanced, fresh, juicy, sweet, and perfect for hot summer days!

All of these culinary delights will debut on June 10th! Scroll down to learn more about each item on this new menu:


Peach Bourbon Latte

The brainchild of our barista and shift supervisor, Ray, this drink combines real peach puree & bourbon flavor with our espresso and milk for a perfectly summery, yet perfectly complex signature drink. Try it iced or hot.

Peach & Palmer

A take on last year’s Coffee Palmer, this drink adds our house-made peach sauce with fresh squeezed lemon juice, cold brew, and Topo Chico for a refreshing, patio sipping beverage.

Black Cherry Frappe

Dreamed up by our store manager, Alissa, this frozen delight includes real cherries, dark cocoa, cold brew, and of course you can top it with whipped cream for extra decadence.

Peach Blackberry Smoothie

Our seasonal smoothie combines our house-made blackberry sauce with real peaches, banana, and orange juice to make our first ever nut free and dairy free smoothie!

New Craft Beers on Tap!

Stay tuned for a new refreshing beer to complement summer night patio sitting.

New Wines by the Glass!

Rosé for summer sippin’!


Summer Charcuterie (available GF)

Brand new for summer, this charcuterie and cheese board features three cheeses, assorted cured meats, a dressed arugula salad topped with spicy sunflower seeds, fig spread, Fox & Otter pickles, cherry peppers, and local sourdough from The Proof bakery, toasted to order.

Southwest Frittata Plate (vegetarian)

Try our reimagined frittata now made southwestern style with peppers and adobe spices. The plate features a small salad and organic salsa verde, with an option to add avocado.

Sunrise Sandwich (vegetarian)

Imagine a fluffy frittata egg with vine ripened tomato, havarti cheese, and arugula sandwiched between two pieces of toasty local sourdough. That’s our new breakfast sandwich, with option to add avocado of course.

Sourdough French Toast (weekends only)

Our manager, Alissa, dreamed up this amazing new French Toast just for the weekends at Roots! Made with amazing local sourdough from The Proof Bakery and served alongside real maples syrup or peach bourbon sauce, with an option to add whipped cream.

Avocado Toast & Texas Jam Toast

The Avocado toast is here to stay and will be joined by a new toast that features Kerrygold butter and peach jam!

Cherry Chocolate Muffin (vegan & GF)

Dreamed up by our barista and shift supervisor, Kelsey, this muffin is a combination of dark chocolate, real cherries, coconut sugar, GF flour, and more.

Summer Peach Muffin (vegan & GF)

This new muffin features peach jam and real peaches, plus applesauce for just the right texture!

Sticking around from Spring will be our Lavender Honey Latte and Moodchanger iced tea, as well as our sandwiches and snack plates. We will be waving a final farewell to weekend breakfast tacos.

Be sure to come by the week of June 10th to be the first to try these brand new summer drinks and food! We can’t wait to share this menu with our community.

Plants are the new Dairy: introducing three new plant-based signature drinks for Spring!


You’ve been asking, and we’ve been listening! Introducing an entire section of our menu dedicated to our plant-based and vegan friends!

One of our values here at Roots is excellence. We want to be excellent not only in the way we make our drinks, but also in sourcing the right ingredients to go into them. We’ve always been committed to quality over quantity, which is why while you may see fewer option on our menu, we will always strive to provide you with high-quality options that change seasonally. This season, we are so excited to introduce you to an entirely new section of our menu - Plant Based Signature Drinks! With intolerance for dairy at an all time high and people looking for lower sugar options, we’re excited to announce three brand new drinks that are entirely free from animal products and come by default with alternative milks.

Spring Fever - made from high quality matcha (finely ground green tea with just a touch of sugar), house-made blackberry sauce, and house-made pistachio almond milk! (Also try it’s companion muffin, the Spring Fever Muffin - house-made, Vegan, and Gluten Free)

Sea Salt Mocha - a combination of our dark chocolate, house-made vanilla syrup, espresso, and steamed almond milk topped with flaked Maldon sea salt.

Lavender Latte - this latte screams spring with our house-made lavender syrup (made from lavender oil), espresso, and steamed Oat Milk (by Minor Figures)

You’ll be able to try all three of these drinks starting on 2/26, when our Spring Menu launches! This new menu will also include new vegetarian sandwiches, Gluten Free & Vegan bakery offerings, and more local ingredients from our amazing community!!

Winter Drinks are here!

We’re so excited to debut four drinks as a part of our Winter Menu!

Minter Mocha - this drink combines house-made mint syrup, our signature cocoa blend, espresso, and steamed milk. It’s minty. It’s chocolatety. It’s everything you want in a Winter Drink!

Megnog - this year, we hosted a barista throwdown to determine one of our signature drinks! All our our baristas brought their best and the Megnog won! This drink is made from house-made brandy syrup, espresso, steamed half & half, and it’s topped with nutmeg! It tastes just like eggnog, but lighter. It’s also tasty over ice.

Golden Warmer - this tea based drink is sure to chase away the sniffles! It’s got turmeric ginger tea, chai, honey, and a dash of half and half at add depth!

Minter Mocha Frappe - everything you love about our Minter Mocha, but in frozen form for those of you that love to drink cold drinks all year long!


Fall Drinks & Brand New Eats Menu Debut Today!

Autumn has arrived at Roots Coffeehouse and that means Pumpkin Harvest Lattes, Blueberry Chai Smoothies, Gluten Free Pumpkin Muffins, and a brand new Eats menu!

Check out all our new offerings below.


Pumpkin Harvest Latte  house-made (from real pumpkin) sauce, espresso, steamed milk, and cinnamon on top

Pumpkin Harvest Latte

house-made (from real pumpkin) sauce, espresso, steamed milk, and cinnamon on top

The Sweetdram  house-made rum butter, espresso, milk, steamed half&half, and a sprinkle of cardamom combine to make this hot & cold drink

The Sweetdram

house-made rum butter, espresso, milk, steamed half&half, and a sprinkle of cardamom combine to make this hot & cold drink

Spiced Cuban  a fall take on our classic Cuban

Spiced Cuban

a fall take on our classic Cuban

Also try our Blueberry Chai Banana Smoothie & Cinnamon Cardamom Latte (not pictured)


Caprese Sandwich  mozzarella, pesto, and roma tomatoes on a toasty baguette

Caprese Sandwich

mozzarella, pesto, and roma tomatoes on a toasty baguette

Cranberry Clucker  turkey, cranberry sauce, pepper, mozzarella, & dried cranberries on toasty foccacia

Cranberry Clucker

turkey, cranberry sauce, pepper, mozzarella, & dried cranberries on toasty foccacia

Autumn Salad  baby spinach, pumpkin granola, dried cranberries, & apples with a side of chips and hummus

Autumn Salad

baby spinach, pumpkin granola, dried cranberries, & apples with a side of chips and hummus

Harvest Board  aged white cheddar, prosciutto, apples, pesto, crostini, & dried cranberries (try our GF version as well!)

Harvest Board

aged white cheddar, prosciutto, apples, pesto, crostini, & dried cranberries (try our GF version as well!)

Dessert Board  made to share, this is a sampling of all your favorite sweet things!

Dessert Board

made to share, this is a sampling of all your favorite sweet things!

Honeycrisp Snack Plate  slices apples topped with honey & cinnamon, served with almond butter  and cinnamon pecans

Honeycrisp Snack Plate

slices apples topped with honey & cinnamon, served with almond butter

and cinnamon pecans

Also try our Veggie Snack Plate (not pictured), Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin, & GF/Vegan Pumpkin Muffin!

Eco Cups are Here!

Well, folks, the day is finally here! One of our founding beliefs at Roots is to integrate sustainability into every part of our business - reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever we can. Making as many drinks as we can in for here mugs or glasses. Donating our coffee grounds to the community garden. Serving your food on real plates with real cutlery. Integrating disposable products made from sustainable sources where we can. But still, the “to go” nature of our business weighs heavy on our hearts as we know what that means for our earth.

So, we decided to make a change. We wanted to make it easy for our amazing customers to choose a re-usable option, and so we are so proud to announce that starting today we have these beautiful re-usable bamboo fiber mugs available when you buy your drink! The best part?! They’re only $3!!!! Even better than that? Bring it back again and again and every time you get your Roots drink made in one, we’ll give you a quarter ($0.25) off your drink! *

These to-go mugs are suitable for hot or iced drinks, the perfect 12oz size, and every single part of it is made from sustainable bamboo (with the lone exception of the silicone sleeve)! We hope this makes it easy for you to show your love for mother earth by switching to a re-usable option.

JPEG image-4EE16C95A21E-5.jpeg

Let Roots Cater Your Next Event!

We are so excited to announce that the Roots Coffee Cart is now ready to service your next event! 

Interested in elevating your next event with the addition of craft coffee? Our fully equipped coffee cart plus our kind and talented baristas are ready to serve you! We service weddings, corporate and non-profit events, fundraisers, and local events in the DFW area. Our cart features top of the line espresso equipment, nitro cold brew, and the option to customize your own draft latte! 

Interested in booking? More information is available here.

Summer Signature Drinks Are Here!

We are so excited that our Summer Signature Drinks are here! These drinks have been dreamed up, designed, and created by our amazing team here at the shop! Read to the end of the blog post for a special surprise!


Lavender Palmer

A combination of fresh squeezed lemon juice, house-made lavender syrup, cold brew, and topo chico! Pairs great with our new Lavender Lemon Cake!


Strawberry Fields

House-made strawberry-mint sauce mixed with topo chico and a strawberry ice cube, topped with a dash of heavy cream and garnish.


Summer Cold Brew

Our classic cold brew, sweetened lightly with a dash of vanilla and milk.


Weekend Mimosa


Layers of orange juice, strawberry ice cube, and champagne! Happy Weekend! (Sat & Sun only)

All new drinks are available starting June 1st, 2018 for the summer season.

A Healthful Highlight!

We have been working over the last few months on adding even more healthy options to our menu! We are excited with the results, which include keto-friendly, vegan friendly, GF friendly, and paleo friendly recipes. Here are some of the exciting additions and changes!

First off, our almond milk is now made in-house and is free from any added sugar! This clean recipe feature almonds, water, salt, and vanilla and is simple and delicious (not to mention, makes a mean latte!) We're excited to bring this paleo, vegan, and low-sugar addition to your local coffeehouse!


We've also added the keto-friendly, low carb Frittata Muffin to our morning menu! This muffin is made in house with eggs, half&half, prosciutto, spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and spices and baked to fluffy perfection.


For all our Gluten-Free friends out there, we've added an assortment of GF items from Unrefined Bakery! We also have our GF Protein Board, with an assortment of GF crackers, cheese, meats, spreads, and pickles!


And finally, for our Vegan friends, we're proud to introduce the Veggie Snack Plate! This little plate includes mixed veggies, GF crackers, and roasted red pepper hummus and makes the perfect little lunch or snack to get you through the day!




We are committed to continually providing you with the best options to start and end your day - whether it be a healthy snack or an occasional indulgence. We believe in quality of products over quantity of options, so we're happy to provide our amazing customers with these curated, high-quality options for specific dietary preferences. 

Buy Local is THIS Saturday!


October 7th From 2p-4p

Every year, since 2012, Roots has been hosting the Buy Local Event - one day on the first Saturday in October when we bring together the area's finest ingredients, makers, and artists.

For two hours, we set up the shop market-style and allow you to sample your way through our community's finest ingredients inside, and then get some early Christmas shopping done outside on the patio, where we will have gathered local artists and makers.

This year's vendors include:

Holy Kombucha

Dude Sweet Chocolate

Novel Coffee Roasters

Fox & Otter

Lieber Honey

Unrefined Bakery

Ambiente Wines

Fire House Pottery

Sparrow House Botanicals

Perfect Bite

Sacred Soul Yoga

Alexys Hernandez Art

Clint Riddle Art


Little Giant Crafts

Kristen McCurdy Florals

& more!

Buy Local 2017.jpg

Collaboration with Operation Underground Railroad

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting both local art & a documentary screening in collaboration with Operation Underground Railroad's local DFW chapter. 

Operation Underground Railroad exists to rescue children from sex trafficking through coordinated rescue and recovery planning. Learn more about what they do and where they work here.

Right now, at Roots, you can see and purchase beautiful works of art donated by Operation Underground Railroad volunteers - all proceeds go towards the cause!

You can also join us on September 7th, from 6:30pm-8:30pm for a screening of "The Abolitionists" to learn more about their efforts and how you can help. RSVP required here.

Join us this month and help us fight against human trafficking!

Summer Drinks Release Today!

We are so excited about summer, because in addition to all the fun in the sun we'll be having, we also get to drink these amazing new coffee creations from our team here at Roots! Introducing three totally brand new summer signature drinks!

The Coffee Palmer

This is the Coffee Palmer - a drink inspired by our friends over at Novel Coffee Roasters, but with our own twist! Think of it as a friendly coffee lemonade with enough zing and zest to cool down even the hottest of Texas summer days

Strawberry Cortado

Berry Cortado.jpg

This is the Strawberry Cortado (or Berrytado!) Its a blend of housemade strawberry vanilla sauce, espresso, and steamed milk, topped with strawberry sugar for a light sweetness. Its also available as an iced latte, if you'd rather take it to go.

Summer Cold Brew

Meet the Summer Cold Brew - this bit of iced coffee goodness is 12-hour cold brew mixed with our signature concoction of vanilla and just the right amount of sweetness.

Cheers for 8 Years!

On Saturday, April 8th from 2pm-4pm, Roots will be celebrating our EIGHT year birthday & the launch of our beer & wine program!

Festivities will include an ALL DAY happy hour with tastings from our friends at Peticolas Brewing, Collective Brewing Project, Novel Coffee Roasters, and La Cigale Wines!

Also, be sure to pick up an $8 Roots tee and try our signature birthday drink special - a new twist on an old favorite: the Dude Sweet Nitro Cold Brew Float, featuring Melt Ice Cream!

Thanks for your support over the last eight years and we can't wait to celebrate together on April 8th!

3 Kinds of People You'll Have Coffee With

Coffee and people have had a close relationship for centuries. Where there are people, there is gonna be coffee. And where there is coffee, the people will go. We make the time to go to coffee places for all kinds of meetups. But have you ever thought about who you have coffee with? There are a few scenarios that are common to us all. Scenarios that involve coffee and people and great times...


1. First-Time Connections

Why is a coffee place such a great spot to meet up with someone for the first time? It's a fun-filled environment that isn't pressuring or stressing. First dates or get-to-know-you meetings are relaxed when they happen over great coffee. First-time connections can be scary. Don't pick a place that is scary as well!

Most everyone loves coffee. So a coffee place is an ideal spot to find a commonality. And for those people who don't like coffee, well, there is tea.


2. Long-Time Friends

When you haven't seen your best friend in ages, a coffee place is the best place to go to catch up on life. It's calm enough to have extended conversations and yet is vibrant with enough activity to keep it fun. Friends commonly convene at coffee places when they want to make the most of their reuniting!


3. Complete Strangers

Of course, this happens too. Not every day. That would be too much. But you're not the only one who's met someone for the first time at your local coffee shop.  It happens all the time! Meeting complete strangers is sometimes the perfect complement to a cup of your favorite coffee. That's one of the best things about a coffee place. It brings people from all over who have experienced so many different. things. It's an adventure to meet them and discover who they are.


If you haven't seen all of the social media posts... We are now serving wine and beer! Now you have no more need to search for bars in North Richland Hills or pubs in North Richland Hills! Come by in the morning for coffee and back in the evening for some beer or wine! See you soon!

4 Good Reasons People Will Meet at Coffee Shops

We meet with people every day. Whether officially or casually. People are all around us. How could we not? But when we meet with other people intentionally, we usually pick a common location that both parties will enjoy. One the first locations that people think of are their local coffee shops. Here are some reasons why...


1. People Meet at Coffee Shops for Connections

As humans, we don't just want to connect with relation to things, but with a relationship with other humans. We want our lives to be enriched with great people. Connections happen at coffee places because people are intentional when they meet there. Connections are what make us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. It's not just networking, it's being human.


2. Friends Meet at Coffee Shops for the Vibes

We don't just want to feel connected to other people, we want a place to call home. The second reason why people meet at coffee shops is because it's a place you can be yourself and have a good time on a regular basis. It's a place you can make memories. It's a place where you can enjoy life and enjoy the company of your friends and family.


3. People Meet at Coffee Shops for Business Meetings

Business isn't just conducted while at work. It can happen anywhere. Small businesses, large businesses, entrepreneurs, they all appreciate the atmosphere of a local coffee shop for meetings and doing projects. Free wifi, great beverages, and a hit playlist for their background music make businessmen everywhere choose a coffee place rather than somewhere else if they have the option.


4. People Meet at Coffee Shops for the Coffee, of course

Although this is the last on this list of reasons people meet at coffee shops, it's probably the strongest one. Understandably. People make it a point to go to a craft coffee shop to get their coffee because they know it will be quality and have a great taste. So we make it a point to have our meetings at a local coffee shop. No one complains. 


If you haven't seen all of the social media posts... We are now serving wine and beer! Now you have no more need to search for bars in Grapevine TX or pubs in Grapevine TX! Come by in the morning for coffee and back in the evening for some beer or wine! See you soon!


3 Reasons Why a Coffee House is the Best Place to Cultivate Relationship

Why would you go to a coffee house? Why do people spend so much time there? Where is the appeal stemming from? It's all about relationships. As human beings, we are relational through to our core. Without the relationships we inherently crave, we dry up inside. So what makes a coffee house in North Richland Hills the best place to cultivate those mandatory relationships with other humans?


1. Coffee Houses Promote Community

A coffee shop or coffee house isn't just a place to grab a quick cup of joe and head away. Though it's a great place to pick up on-the-go, quality coffee, our coffee house can be more than that if you want it to be. Roots Coffeehouse is about relationships and community bound together by fantastic tasting coffee.

Coffee houses make you feel like you belong. From comfy couches to hipster decor, the coffee house is designed to be a place of acceptance. People of the most diverse backgrounds can walk into a coffee house and find a way to call it home. Whether you come to our coffee house every day, or once a year, the coffee house speaks for itself. It outlasts time and grants the ability to connect with people of like-mindedness and gain new perspectives. Our coffee house in North Richland Hills is a place where everyone is welcome, and where people come to enjoy people.


2. Coffee is Universal

Speaking of people, have you ever stopped to consider how universally appreciated coffee really is? Whole countries use it for their primary export, and literally millions of people drink it every day. People from the far reaches of the world come together around their shared love for coffee. It's not just a caffeinator, it's a talking point, a soothing beverage, and a treat that makes your day. No wonder people throng toward coffee houses when they need energy and people connection. Coffee is universal. And so are coffee houses.


3. Coffee Puts People in a Good Mood

Who could possibly be in a horrible mood after a cup of great coffee? It's unlikely for this ever to happen. The fact that great coffee can lift your day means that a coffee house is a great place to cultivate a relationship. It's not about being in a good mood all the time. Everyone has their days. But when people are happy, relationships thrive. And people are mostly happy in their favorite coffee houses. A sip of that Chai Latte can do wonders after a long day at work. And before you know it, you're opening up and chatting with your friends like the stressful day never happened.

So where do you go to cultivate your relationships? Relationships are hard work, but you can cultivate good ones over a cup of your favorite hot drink at your local coffee house. You can make lasting connections with people you would never have expected. All you need is to be open.

If you haven't seen all of the blogs and posts... We are now serving beer and wine! Now you have no more need to search for bars in Bedford TX or pubs in Bedford TX! Come by in the morning for coffee and back in the evening for some beer or wine! See you soon!!! ;)