reserve our Community table


Reserve our community table

Did you know that we have a community table available for your group meetings of up to ten people? To reserve the table, simply fill out the form below and wait for your confirmation. There is no cost to reserve the table, however we do require group members to make a purchase while they use the space.

Name *
Date of Reservation *
Date of Reservation
Note: we require at least 2 days advance notice. If you wish to reserve the table sooner than that, you can call the shop at 817-503-7344
Please be sure to include both start and end time, as well as denote AM or PM. Max reservation time is 2.5 hours.
Minimum amount of guests to reserve the table is 4.
Tell us what you are using the space for:
Community Table Guidelines: *
Roots does not allow our guests to sell or display products, use any sort of AV equipment or play videos, display signage, or solicit in any way. Minimum group size to reserve the table is 4 people. The community table is free to reserve, but we do ask that guests make purchases while utilizing the space.